Friday, September 02, 2005


He is a cat.
It's hard not to love Trouble.
He jumps on the bed to say goodnite to us at nite.. then leaves the room when we turn off the lights.
In the summer, he sleeps on our bed and creeps out in the middle of the night.
When he is in his moods, he slams our bedroom door or whacks it wide open.
He knows what time to wake us up... meowing in our ear.. or scratching on our door.
He lets us know when his bowl is empty.
He begs for butter.
He loves jumping into the laundry basket.
We have a love-hate relationship - and yet we both share the computer chair. He snuggles up behind me, and meows at me to make room for him.
He may be just a cat, but he sure knows how to get his point across.
Our house will never have rats again.
Our lives will never be the same without Trouble.