Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gotta love em corks

Omigod! Twice in a week? My laksa bowl trivet got selected to be in this treasury!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yayy!! My trivet was selected and featured in the Treasury section of Etsy!

Friday, June 20, 2008

They love our mailbox so much that...

It was a peaceful afternoon until I got a phone call from my neighbor across the street. She said "Oh good, you're working from home today! You better come outside now coz someone just ran over your mailbox!"

Again??!!! You gotta be kidding me!
This is the THIRD time someone decides to knock our mailbox down.

I go outside and I see our mailbox smashed on one side and the whole box laying lifeless on the ground and there was this truck who was trying to back out. I went up to the truck waving like a mad woman trying to stop him, at the same time trying to catch the name of the company of the truck.
The phone number was not visible.

So this big guy comes out of the truck and here's tiny me with both hands on my hips looking furious. (Don't mess with me when I am mad)
He apologized and told me he had already called his boss and that they were coming to replace it within 30 minutes.

I had doubts.

So I went online and got the phone number for this company and spoke to the manager. I did not want to give them a chance to deny so I asked "hey by any chance you have someone working in this neighborhood this afternoon?". He said "Yes" (probably thinking I was going to give him some business).
I said "Good, coz your guy just ran over my mailbox".

He said "Oh no"

I said "Oh yes he sure did"

He said "We will replace it"

I asked " When? My mailman comes in an hour. If we are not able to get our mail, that's not going to be nice"

He said he'll call me back and I got his name.

He did call me back and admitted that it was his guy who knocked the mailbox down (obviously his guy lied when he said he had already called his boss because his boss did not know of this incident before I called up)
He informed me that they had ordered a new one from the developer. He sounded nice and trustworthy enough.

In the meantime, Jason had called the police and they called me and said they were going to come by and ask some questions.
The police guy could not understand me over the phone and asked if I speak Spanish.
I told him No, I dont speak any Spanish but he brings a Spanish-speaking police officer over anyway.
They came over during lunch time and Jason was home. Good, coz I don't enjoy talking to people who have problems with my un-American accent. It gets frustrating.
So they asked questions, and called up the company who ran over the mailbox.

About 4 hours later, I saw a new mailbox sitting pretty outside.


All this hoohah over a mailbox! So very unnecessary, yet necessary.

I wonder if they'll allow us to build a concrete wall around our mailbox. Coz we know someone else is going to knock the mailbox down again... they just love our mailbox too much!

The trivets appeareth

I made some trivets using some plain cork coasters that I had bought a long time ago and just sitting aimless in my closet. Since I had not painted for awhile, I decided to decorate the trivets with acrylic paint and sealed it with multiple layers of mod podge and Polyurethane sealant for protection and to make it water resistant.

Lately, I've been addicted to the blue/green/brown combination. I also painted a whole bunch of clothespin in that color but it became really tedious and I got bored doing it. I'd rather stay away from monotony.

Here's what I did :
I've listed them here. And I've sold one yesterday ! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some good news

- My Father-in-law's surgery went well. The doctor said the surgery went as he planned and he might also have fixed the problem on his left arm.

- My long-awaited Green card arrived from Vermont !!! The husband is stuck with me for another 10 years (and vice versa)

Phew.. and Yayyy!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Crochet needle case

Today I made a crochet needle case for Jessey !!

I struggled with the tension setting and realized later that I did not thread the machine correctly. Duh!