Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Machine cometh

I've been desiring a sewing machine for some months now. Not that I can sew much of anything really, but it's hard to explain. It's a desire of wanting to sew something, to create something that will blow my mind. Heck, it can even be a pillow case for all I care.
There is an old antique Singer machine in a closet here. It is one solid heavy dependable dude. I've made some needle cases from it, but you know.. it is antique and has its limitations and God do I hate the word Antique! (shudder)
As I do not have a permanent space for it, I have to carry that monster out each time I use it. I was initially sewing on the floor (don't ask me how), and then thankfully, the husband got me a hobby table with wheels for Christmas so that I can move said table out whenever I want to make something, but man, that heavy machine is a beast to carry around. I'll also be standing while I sew. Not comfortable but I ain't complaining.

So the hunt for a sewing machine began a couple of months back. I've been browsing and reading reviews and trying to figure out what I want.
And at the same time, trying to talk myself out from wanting a sewing machine. But the desire turned into an itch that would not go away.

Last Saturday, I saw an ad. for a one-day sale for a Commercial Grade Singer sewing machine. I went to check it out and there was a sales person who could answer all my amateur questions and also do a demo. Nice. But I wasn't willing to pay $399. I needed time to think. And I had 3 hours to do all that thinking and go back to the store before 5pm to get the machine if I decide to.
So I jotted down the model number and went home and spent the next 2 hours on the internet researching.
I read lots of pros and cons. Some people like it, some people don't. So I have to go with my gut feeling.
I found 5 dealers on the internet. As this was a Commercial grade one, they don't list the price so I called each one of them. And lo!!!.. All of them quoted me a price much lower than $399!!!
I finally found one who was willing to throw in a free cutter and who was also willing to give me a discount on a darning foot to do free-hand embroidery. My total came out to $259. (free shipping and no tax). (Thank God for tax rebates)

Happy. (and tap dancing)

Machine is on the way and should arrive this week.

Can't wait! (More tap dancing)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some people make me sigh

Dear Person standing infront of me at the check out counter,

If it is your first time using a credit card, please try and read the instructions on the pad instead of pressing ALL the buttons at the same time.
And if you keep pressing "NO" when the machine asks you "Is this amount correct?" then you deserve to be hit by a meteor. Because (duh!) you have to start ALL over again and the five people standing behind you will start shooting daggers into your dodo head.

Thank you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Should I take the hose out and spray water on them?

The neighbor who lives adjacent to us have three kids who play outside all the time. ALL. the. time.
Occasionally, they'll be playing in our front yard, which I don't really care.
But when they ring our doorbell five times a day, I care.
And I don't mean just ring once and run. They go ' ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong, ding ding ding diiiiing' NON-STOP!
I get downstairs and they run away and hide.
And they repeat the same thing... five more times.

This started on Monday.
And Wednesday.
I was not at home yesterday so I don't know if they played too.

Today, I decided I had to put a stop to this. Either I go talk to their parents or something. Ugh. But I hate confrontations.

As I was about to get mail, I saw the kids in our yard and the younger one was trying to ask the brother to do something, which I presume was to ring our doorbell. I waited till they were walking towards the house. Then I opened the door. They were startled and started to back-off.

I told them in all seriousness that they should not play or ring our doorbell ever again because nice kids don't do that.

They had a look on their face as if to say "how does she know it was us?"

Let's see if they'll do it again.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A good dose of penicillin

When one's entire body is achy, one's brains get weary and bodily sensory functions get defective. Or atleast that's how mine works when I've spent the weekend digging up dirt, shoveling, raking, putting down plastic sheeting and messing with gravel.

So what happens when my brains don't function?
I eat moldy bread.


Not on purpose ofcourse. I just did not SEE (sensory dysfunction) the mold on the sides of the bread.


Ten minutes after I've swallowed my last bite of toast, the husband says "Did you check your toast? It has mold all over the sides"


And I had an egg sandwich for breakfast too. Yuck.

Getting diarrhea and tummy ache is not a fun way to spend the Monday.
But penicillin comes from mold, yes?


Monday, April 07, 2008

claypot chicken rice

I haven't had any real meals in awhile. The husband has been under the weather lately (allergies) and wasn't up to eating anything except junk food (fast food, pizzas, biscuits, microwavable meals). Cooking a meal for one person (me) just isn't worth it. But there is only so much junk food a person can take.

So no more junk today. I made some claypot chicken rice (using our wonderful rice cooker).

Recipe posted here.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another nail

My car has been pulling to the right for some months now. I've been meaning to send it for alignment but haven't had time to look into it. So since it was due for inspection and a service, we took it in today. We usually take our cars to this place just right next door to Jason's office because he can drop it off in the morning and collect it after work.

Turns out it wasn't the alignment that's been causing it to pull to the right. I have a nail in my tire. Last year, around this same time, I had a nail in the same tire too.
Coincidence or jinxed?