Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Short Adventure

So it's been awhile.The past few months have been a series of short adventures.

I was employed on a brief temporary assignment drawing floor plans for this company. And I absolutely loved it! Did I tell you that when I was 5 or 6 years old, I used to draw floor plans of my so-called dream house? So this was like my dream job. Just too bad it was just a short stint.

In May, we flew 30 hours back to Malaysia. And I hope I will never have to fly with China Airlines again. We managed to cramp as much as we can into our two weeks stay - visited with family, old high school and elementary school friends, went on a family vacation to Penang Island (all 19 of us), and ate all the food that I have been craving for, for the past three years. Yes, it's been three whole years since we last went "home".

Curry Laksa

Cakes from "Secret Recipe"

Leaving Malaysia wasn't so hard this time because we brought my parents back with us to the U.S and they will be with us for a few months. But leaving is always difficult and teary.