Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goodbye my feline friend

Today we had to say goodbye to Trouble. It was so hard.
He was 20 years and 7 months old.
Even though I only had 7 years with this cat, he became my buddy real quick. Smart, funny, a great communicator and a total brat. That's not all. He sat with me all day when I was sick. He woke me up when I fell asleep downstairs in front of the TV and led me upstairs to bed. There was always a warm spot at the foot of my side of the bed, and he would let me put my feet under the covers under him during winter to keep them warm. He kept me sane when the husband was out of town, which was every week.

Now, my feet will always be cold. But I will always have wonderful memories of the only cat that has kept my heart warm these seven years.

And I thank you for being Jason's best friend for the past 20 years. You made our family complete.

I hope they have your favorite flavor of Greenies up in cat heaven.

I miss you Trouble. I just wished I could pet your head for one last time....Goodbye my feline friend.