Monday, October 31, 2016

Lucas' 2nd year

You are obsessed with all electronic devices. Every evening you demand for the phone or iPad so you could call your grandparents, over and over again. You will say 'papa pa dette", which I think means Dette's papa.
Seeing a little 18 month old so proficient with the phone or tablet is quite amazing. You just know what to click and swipe your little fingers. You even showed your mama how to get hidden emoticons on the tango app that I never even knew existed! And you love watching videos of yourself over and over again, giggling and imitating yourself.

In September, we went to the Apple festival in Hendersonville. Dada had a gig. You were eating your vege chips. But you picked out all the colors and left the red ones behind.

September 2 was your first day in playschool. Only twice a week for 4 hours. You cried. And when they moved you to the playroom or playground, you cried again. Perhaps you were afraid your family wouldn't be able to find you if you moved.