Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One little lentil

Today, I found out I have a lentil growing in me.

I couldn't believe it. The first test kit had expired so I thought, well, maybe it's giving me a false positive. So I took the test two more times. (I went out and bought different brands). Still positive.
The next day, I went out and bought some diapers, came home, handed the diapers to Jason and said "Start practicing".

He was pleasantly shocked too. I think it took him two days to get over the shock. Then he started ordering books for himself to read.

This has been a five year plus project for us. So it feels like a miracle.

Our lives are about to change.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fake friends no more

We finally met Alaska Amy and sweet Julia. We've been blog friends (Amy calls it fake friends) for atleast five years I think. Not exactly sure how that came about. I think we found her through the Carans.
Then, Facebook came along and everybody started falling off the blogging world.

So our first meeting, and guess where we took them to? The Mummies of the World exhibit. Classy eh.
I wonder what kind of hosts she must think of us. But you see, Charlotte is oh-so-boring. There is practically nowhere touristy or cool to take someone to. No Disneyworld equivalent here. Unless you like boring Nascar museums. Or maybe because we just don't go out much.

I still think it was so cool that we had finally met (for real!).

Actually, I am writing this to see if Amy Maio is actually reading my blog :)