Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pregnancy blahs

I have a ton of things to do on my list to prepare for baby's arrival.
We are turning my craft room into a makeshift nursery, and eventually convert the guest room into a toddler room.
The Expedit shelves and desk from Ikea will make a great changing table. So all we need is a crib and a chest of drawers.
But before all that can come into place, I have six year's worth of crafting goodness that needs to be put away some where. Where? I don't know. So it's all sitting in the middle of the room while I scratch my head in vain.

And then there are the unsolicited comments on my size. I'm always getting the 'Wow, you are SO big!' or "Wow, you are really showing!" and someone jokingly(or not) said to me last week, "Are you sure you are not 11 month's pregnant?". I try to laugh it off instead of saying "Yes I am SO big because I have too much amniotic fluid and am risk of losing my baby because he might be born too early, or they might accidentally poke him with the needle while doing an amniocentesis"

And  then there's people touching, poking and patting my belly. This is really awkward especially when it's people I hardly know. Perhaps I should poke their stomach back in response.
Being pregnant does not mean I became public property.

As if I'm not already annoyed because of how uncomfortable I am!

I also like telling people "Are you trying to tell me I am fat?" when they ask me how far along I am, just to see their response.

I am not even going to start on heartburn, back pain, swollen feet, constipation, lack of sleep, and moodiness. You can already tell that I am moody right now.


Anonymous said...

Nobody EVER touched my stomach when I was pregnant. Not even my mom. Granted, by the time I was really showing, I didn't go out much because we'd moved and only had one car. But I think I have perfected the "don't you even think of effing talking to me" look. And once I told someone I was 6 months pregnant when I looked like I was about to pop, and she didn't say a word. Same look, I guess.

I'm sorry this other stuff is taking some of the fun out of the pregnancy. It sucks.

Bern said...

I am going to start practicing that look soon.
Actually, it might just come naturally.